Afro-Optimism, n.f

State of absolute conviction that a bright future lies ahead for the African continent, and that we (the sons and daughters of the continent) will be the crafters of such a future.

Afrooptimism is a communal space where young Africans, from all walks of life and professions, can gather to discuss their common future and do something about it.

This community welcomes all strands and shades of optimists –the drunken idealists, the mere believers, the inveterate faithfuls, the realistic optimists—this community welcomes all of you. It only shuts its gates upon the pessimists. Those have no place in this forum.

The goal: Centralize all the creative talents that Africa’s new generation has to offer and put them to good use. Unleash them as a force for good on the continent.

Our outlook: Development of the continent will have to come by the hands of Africans- the new generation of engineers, doctors, lawyers, who all, fully conscious and accepting of their pivotal role in the continent’s advancement, will put their skills and talents to the common purpose of creating prosperity and eradicating poverty across the continent.

Three guiding principles drive this movement:

1) Community-based action focused on results (sustainable ones): “deep roots, outstretched arms” principle.

Soon we will be posting pictures and details on projects that young Africans are turning into reality in their countries, all across the continent, to change mentalities and effect change, one school, company, orphanage and person at a time…

“Ce qui permet au baobab d’avoir ses bras tendus grands ouverts vers l’exterieur, c’est d’avoir ses racines solidement encrees dans le sol” (Leopold Sedar Senghor)

2) 53 countries, but 1 continent: Across borders, we share similar challenges. Collective action is a pre-requisite to enacting any type of meaningful change . We all are confronted with the challenges of debilitated societies, stuck somewhere between tradition and modernity, and lifeless structures. We all have to redefine the core of our identity, based on the many legacies we were left to contend with (traditional, Arab, Christiano-western)

How we define who we are and which activities we consciously decide to engage in or support will determine the course of Africa’s development

“The time has come to build an integrated Africa, a prosperous and peaceful Africa, driven by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force in the international arena”(African Union opening statement)

3) A holistic view of Development: from of our sectorial trenches, we need to look at the big picture. Africa’s development is a multi-front war. There is so much to be done, all talents and skills are needed.

Young Africans at home and abroad: Let us show what an army of Afro-optimists can achieve when they put their minds to it…

What this movement is:

A constellation of high-performers: driven to achieve the goal of social, economic, cultural and political advancement of Africa.

~ by afrooptimism on October 13, 2009.

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  1. 🙂 let’s get this party started

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