Guinea: The media war against Dadis Camara continues…

So today the announcement was made that the International Tribunal of the Hague would make investigations into the potential “War crimes perpetrated by Dadis Camara and his regime”, following a statement by an EU official calling attention to the situation in Guinea (France 24).

My first reaction was: which war? There is a war going on in Guinea?

And my second: Shouldn’t the IPC first look into the 1000+ Palestinians and 12 Israeli who died in Palestine this past January following EFFECTIVE war crimes???

Don’t get me wrong here, people. It’s not that I condone Dadis Camara and his regime (I’m not our beloved president Abdoulaye Wade who gives 100% backing to a new military junta without first seeing what they’re capable of doing for their people…). No lawless and violent regime that sets country in state of terror can receive our approval.

But you’ve got to admit a serious media propaganda is underway to vilify this man and his ‘heartless’ ‘bloody’ regime? The French are SERIOUSLY looking into the death of the 157 guineans who died in the September 26 massacre in Conakry, maybe a little too closely ? as if they were waiting for Dadis’ first mistake to pounce on him and get him out of office (through coercion or otherwise)? One can not help but wonder why such a sudden interest in Guinea  … Mostly after 40 years of the Lansana Conte regime that did nothing to improve the country’s economic, social or human conditions, which they did not decry nor denounce. On the contrary, the man frequently came to Switzerland for his health visits (I can attest of this 1st-hand, I was there during one of them).

As as the French would say: Il y’a anguille sous roche… DOY NE WAAR DAAL (Wolof would complement)

**Watch out for the French manipulation of our public opinion about what’s happening in our sisterland of GUINEA!!**

Check out the latest image propaganda against Dadis Camara’s regime



~ by afrooptimism on October 16, 2009.

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