ELOHIM: caring for the most forgotten children in Kampala, Uganda


This month, it’s with particularly pride that I feature the inspirational work of a group of four  Afro-optimists in Kampala, Uganda, who saw the situation of street children in their city and decided to do something about it. They founded the “ELOHIM Child Development Association- Hope for life” , deciding to not take NO for an answer.

Today the association is home to dozens of Kampala’s street children.

Meet the founders of ELOHIM CDA, who have deserved this month’s nomination for “Afro-optimists of the month!”

Read up more on what they do and contribute to their cause. If you’re looking for a good cause to support, this one’s definitely one. They’re doing amazing work with these children, taking charge of their country’s challenges and you can contact them directly.

What WE do . . .

1 One of Elohim’s major goals is to reach out to the most ignored and forgotten children and prevent them from being victims of abuse or ending up on the streets.

2 To this end, Elohim endeavors to create safe and healthy living conditions for children by making sure that they are well cared for.

3 We also support children by giving them an opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and self-esteem that will enable them to grow into productive adults.

4 Elohim is equally committed to raising awareness about problematic issues facing children that are usually overlooked.

Get Involved…

– Make a physical or monetary donation as a friend to Elohim.

– Sponsor a child’s education.

– Volunteer your time or service.

– Become an advocate for disadvantaged children!

Elohim Child Development
Mpakawero– off Bombo Town center
P.O Box 132
Luwero, Uganda
Tel: + 256-776526716
Email: elohimcda@gmail.com

Elohim brochure

~ by afrooptimism on February 1, 2010.

3 Responses to “ELOHIM: caring for the most forgotten children in Kampala, Uganda”

  1. ya thanks pple frome afro-optism they realy deserved it you should reach here and see what they are doing

  2. iam enock thank kitenge for helping elohim kids

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    Profit running a business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about assembling your shed or service, and that bring friends using them.

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